little software

Littleware is a suite of tools, API services, and applications developed by Reuben Pasquini over the years to explore various designs and technologies. The code is all open source and hosted on github.


The little-automation repository holds the little tools for deploying cloudformation stacks and interacting with other cloud and local infrastructure tools.


The little-elements repository tracks typescript code for the @littleware/little-elements npm package that provides a series of web components, dependency injection, and state-tracking middleware for web and nodejs applications and UX.


The little-authn repository tracks typescript code for the @littleware/little-authn npm package that implements an OIDC client for a cognito identity provider. We deploy this service as a lambda function behind an API gateway that this sites login feature relies on.


The littleware repository is a mono-repo hosting multiple java and scala projects. Some of the projects provide middleware for dependency injection, configuration management, and using the builder pattern to assemble immutable application state. Other projects implement services like JWT session management.


The little-apps repository host the hugo them and content and the custom web components that define this web site.